Facebook security issues

So here’s the thing. The other day I was looking at Facebook, at the Wall of a friend of mine, Jason.

And for a few minutes there, Facebook decided I was logged-on as Jason.

Except I wasn’t. I didn’t have any permissions to look at his private stuff, nor change things, but every time I clicked on the Profile button it showed me his Wall, not mine.

Facebook thought I was logged on as Jason

When I clicked Home, it thought I was me again. Clicking back to Profile, Jason again. I just couldn’t get to my own Profile.

In the bottom-right it said I had a bunch of notifications. But it wouldn’t let me see them; they must have been his.

Then I clicked logoff, and became me again.

I had a look at a couple of other friends’ Walls, it didn’t do it. But back on Jason’s, it got stuck again. I let him know, of course.

Makes me glad it didn’t just assume I was him and let me do and see anything he could. All I ever saw (apart from the number of notifications he had) was stuff I could see anyway as his friend.

All very odd.

4 thoughts on “Facebook security issues

  1. Chris Till

    I think they’re having a lot of problems – 3rd party Facebook developers have been screaming for a few weeks that things are going horribly wrong since some unannounced upgrade Facebook did behind the scenes recently that has wreaked havoc…

  2. Chris Till

    Speaking of Facebook, the other week Facebook listed YOU Daniel in my Suggestion panel as someone to make friends with. Out of how many hundreds of thousands/millions of Australians that are on Facebook, one has to wonder exactly how Facebook could have possibly made that connection given my only dealings with you have been in your two blogs and an occasional e-mail…

    Then again, the fact that one can suddenly receive SPAM regarding Facebook only after becoming a Facebook member or suddenly receiving eBay SPAM only after starting to use eBay/etc, really questions the security/honesty of these site’s databases anyway…

  3. daniel Post author

    That’s a bit odd, Chris! Not aware of us having any mutual friends on FB.

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