ABC iView unmetered

It’s old news, but Aussies who have wondered why most ISPs continue to have ABC’s iView counted as part of your monthly downloads might like to read this explanation from Internode. In brief:

…the ABC moved to using Akamai for bulk content distribution, which includes the new iView service, and the use of Akamai happens to make unmetering in the conventional manner basically impossible. This wasn’t intentional on anyones’ part – its just that the ABC moved to using Akamai without appreciating the side effect that would have.

Apparently only iiNet has the equipment required to accurately unmeter iView traffic, which is why they’re the only ones offering it.

Update: Thanks to commenter MGM who pointed out this info is out of date. In fact the ABC has a list of ISPs now offering iView unmetered.

2 thoughts on “ABC iView unmetered

  1. Chris Till

    My PS3 has ABC iView on it (watched an old Doctor Who on it the other day) and it tells me my access via Adam Internet is unmetered.

    Disappointing how low resolution the service is though, is extremely pixelated on my 50″ display, but that’s what you get with Australia’s POS broadband until we get fibre to the home rolled out.

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