FoxIt Reader’s false eBay icon

OK. This is a worry. I found it on my Start Menu (for All Users) and also on my Desktop.

False ebay icon

As you can see, it’s got an eBay icon, and the name eBay, but it points to somewhere very different:

Searching around, I see that McAfee Site Advisor has a page on it, and says “We tested this site and didn’t find any significant problems.”

A post on the FoxIt forums alleges it’s put there by the FoxIt Reader installer, and that appears to be right — an update of that is the only thing I’ve installed recently, and no other user on this PC has the privileges to install these shortcuts.

I love FoxIt Reader, it’s much faster than Adobe Reader. It asks if you want the toolbar, but this, it doesn’t ask about. [See comments]

FoxIt, is not nice behaviour.

I wonder what eBay would say about their logo being misused like this?

6 thoughts on “FoxIt Reader’s false eBay icon

  1. Phil

    I think you’ll find they DO ask if you want the icon, last page of the install wizard, little checkbox for eBay link on desktop. I always clear it and click Finish 🙂

  2. daniel Post author

    Thanks. I didn’t notice it, but maybe I wasn’t sufficiently paying attention! Still an odd link to install, given it goes to eBay via a third party.

  3. teve D.

    I found this Icon and the re-direct to I think they are capturing all of my key strokes. Why else trap and re-route to the eBay link e.g. eBay id’s, passwords, searches,etc.

    NASTY, just Nasty. If you find this on your desktop, change your eBay and PayPal passwords immediately.


  4. Satria

    so, kill it, scanning your pc, create system point & system restore
    reinstal C: then USE LINUX OS

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