Windows Shared Computer Toolkit

Microsoft has available the Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP. Mostly designed to protect computers that are used by the public, it provides a higher level of security, such as restricting some users further from fiddling with system settings.

I wonder if it gets around some of the issues of most users not running as Administrator. I still haven’t found a satisfactory way of running MS Train Simulator except as Admin.

It also has something called Windows Disk Protection, which means any changes to the disk are lost on the next reboot. Could be handy. Of course, a less-than-scrupulous person might use it for wiping out expiring Shareware needed only sporadically. But a more legitimate use would be for trying beta software, to ensure your machine was in a pristine state afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Windows Shared Computer Toolkit

  1. Phil Bevan

    Jon Honeyball who writes a column for PC Pro in the UK, reprinted in PC Authority here, reviewed the WSCT and gave it a thumbs down. He said it was a pretty reasonable start but did not address all the functions that it should and that it seemed to him to be incomplete.

    The October or November 2005 PC Authority had the review.

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