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Snippets of geekitude

Gmail geekitude — In GMail with US English set, when you delete mail it goes to the “Trash” folder. Set it to UK English, and it’s “Deleted Items”.

TV geekitude — See how the ABC News titles look with no stories and no voiceover.

Google Video geekitude — Lots of snippets of info here, including the fact that Google’s video format is pretty much just a renamed DivX AVI.

Webmail geekitude — My web mail (Horde) puts a little flag against the country of the domain name of the sender. Of course it’s a little misleading when a message from someone using fastmail arrives, as it reckons it’s the Federated States of Micronesia…

Web design geekitude — The best freebie DHTML menus I’ve found so far are here. (Which I’ve implemented here and here. I reckon without too much trouble, WordPress’s categories could drive it automatically. Maybe something to put on the list for Geekrant 2.0.

Various stuff

Jeremy Zawodny theorises that NoFollow was a waste of time, making no difference to comment spam, and discouraging legitimate commenters.

Coding Horror has some more details on the Microsoft anti-piracy (Ahoy!) nag screens that we mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

Google Australia has jobs available in Sydney.

I’ve been thinking… I wonder if someone would write a Greasemonkey script to correct Charles Wrights’ personal pronouns? we -> I; us -> me; our -> my; ours -> mine.

Tim O’Reilly responds on the fuss over O’Reilly partners CMP sending a cease and desist letter over the use of the term “Web 2.0” for a conference.

Many things

A FAA Radar track sequence of a bank of FedEx aircraft getting into Memphis as thunderstorms pass over the airport. You too could work with air t how to text my ex gf back raffic control software.

Check out how things look to colourblind people. Freaks. Someone should round them all up, and cleanse the gene pool.

Turn any internet terminal into a secure connection. Based on Firefox and various proxy servers around The Internet. I’m not sure how hard it is on your USB key, because it doesn’t write anything to the local hard disk.

David Brin says that Intelligent Design is only one of many “alternatives” to Darwinian evolution. As such, for balance, these other theories should be taught. And no, he doesn’t think the Flying Spaghetti Monster falls into this sphere. BTW, The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is out, anybody read it?

how to text my ex gf back

Where are the aliens?

Coffee drinkers are easier to persuade.

Fermi’s Paradox is explained by aliens getting adicited to computer gaming.

Strom reckons he knows how to make money with a website: ads! Plus a little other stuff.

An Irishman has a rather good summery of how to negotiate an intial salary.

Cross-platform rounded corners without images, extra markup nor CSS. The holy grail of web-design dweebs.

Sunday Quickies

Inventor of the cube-farm “sorry”.

Check out this massive Lego sports stadium. It think it might be at a Legoland. Not to be confused with the Wembly Stadium at Legoland Windsor.

For the Google junkies out there, there’s a list of the highest paying adsense phases – around USD$50 a pop. Brought to you by the Google adsense keyword tool.

In the same way that moving electrons create magnetism, moving mass has been shown to create gravity.