Many things

A FAA Radar track sequence of a bank of FedEx aircraft getting into Memphis as thunderstorms pass over the airport. You too could work with air t how to text my ex gf back raffic control software.

Check out how things look to colourblind people. Freaks. Someone should round them all up, and cleanse the gene pool.

Turn any internet terminal into a secure connection. Based on Firefox and various proxy servers around The Internet. I’m not sure how hard it is on your USB key, because it doesn’t write anything to the local hard disk.

David Brin says that Intelligent Design is only one of many “alternatives” to Darwinian evolution. As such, for balance, these other theories should be taught. And no, he doesn’t think the Flying Spaghetti Monster falls into this sphere. BTW, The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is out, anybody read it?

how to text my ex gf back

1 thought on “Many things

  1. Randall Swain

    That air traffic control is hilarious…. Just like little ants running around.

    And the thing about colour blind people I don’t get is, if they have been colour blind all their lives, which I understand most are, why is it that they don’t associate “their” red with “our” red? Someone tried to explain it once, but I still didn’t understand. Maybe that says more about me than I care to admit….

    It’s like a blind person – if they know nothing different, then they adapt. They know that 3 dots on a page mean this or that letter.

    Am I oversimplifying it? And I don’t mean to offend anyone!

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