More help is available

From the “Do you understand why people hate you, Microsoft?” department:

D:\>net stop xyz
The service name is invalid.

More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2185.

D:\>net helpmsg 2185

The service name is invalid.


Yes. Very bloody helpful.

I don’t expect miracles in the command line, but I do expect that if I’m told more help is available, that more help is actually available.

1 thought on “More help is available

  1. Kiwi Nick

    An old, old story c. 1996

    I was using Microsoft Word (approx 6.0, pre-Win95) when I wanted to make a pie-chart. So I click the chart button on the toolbar. It thrashed for a good 2 minutes, then came with an error. So I pressed it again, and got this clanger:

    This command is not available because Microsoft Chart is not available.

    Sometimes Oracle’s oerr isn’t much better.

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