Converting .ts (DVB) to other formats (in Windows)

I’m always on the lookout for a better method of converting DVB (.ts) video streams to more useable formats.

This seems to do a decent job: Free Video Converter

— just beware of the installation questions; if you accept the defaults, it’ll install an unwanted toolbar, a doubtful driver optimiser, and an unneeded (in my case) plug-in for Firefox and Chrome.

Anybody got other suggestions, including for OSX?

1 thought on “Converting .ts (DVB) to other formats (in Windows)

  1. Josh

    Our homebrew PVR is built around creating MKVs using the MKV Toolkit from – that’s combined with and some shell scripts so that subtitles are preserved (necessary in a noisy home, and sometimes for figuring out exactly what it is they just said). The whole process is pretty fast because there’s no transcoding – the MPG2 stream from the DVB-T broadcast is just repackaged; with a TB of storage, there’s no need to save space on the PVR. Deals with the multiple audio streams the ABC is now broadcasting on certain ABC1 programs. Details/source code on request.

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