Summer 2012/13 starts

Per today’s Melbourne Forecast, issued at 5:06 am EDT on Saturday 10 November 2012.

Forecast for the rest of Saturday
         Max 20 Partly cloudy.
Sunday 11 November
  Min  8 Max 26 Sunny.
Monday 12 November
  Min 17 Max 23 Shower or two developing.
Tuesday 13 November
  Min 11 Max 20 Partly cloudy.
Wednesday 14 November
  Min  8 Max 22 Partly cloudy.
Thursday 15 November
  Min 10 Max 22 Partly cloudy.
Friday 16 November
  Min 12 Max 22 Shower or two.

As such, I now declare it to be summertime (7 days in a row forecast to be 20+ degrees), and as such am shutting down the gas heater and opening up the cooling vents.

1 thought on “Summer 2012/13 starts

  1. daniel

    My own use of the gas heater is based on the coldest temperature. Being a weatherboard house (even with the improvements the upgrade insulation has brought), those cool nights (eg the minimums of 8 you’ve cited) are enough to want a bit of heat in the morning to wake up by.

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