iTunes not up to date

Downloaded the latest iTunes 9.2.1.

Installed using the less-bloat method (for people like me who just want to use it to manage an iPod):

Extract the components from the iTunes setup EXE…

AppleApplicationSupport.msi /passive
Quicktime.msi /passive
iTunes.msi /passive

All good! All up to date!

I decided to fire up Quicktime and make sure none of its stupid tray icons were configured to run all the time, wasting my memory and CPU. What do I find?

Quicktime out of date

Quicktime is out of date — it tells me. It’s only 7.6.6, and you should be running 7.6.7.

Oh, bravo Apple — can’t even keep their own software up to date.

2 thoughts on “iTunes not up to date

  1. mikeys

    As a Windows user with an iPhone, I can honestly say iTunes is the fugliest, bloatiest, slowest, most annoying software I’ve ever had to grapple with… I HATE it. On my i7 920/6GB/SSD system it still runs like a dog. #rant

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