The display makes it

I recently got a new PC at work, which for the first time has an LCD screen and ClearType turned on. Switching to my usual option of using Times New Roman for my code editing… Without judging the quality of the actual code, I must say, it’s beautiful to look at. Reminds me of that WordPress slogan, “Code is poetry.”

It’s a real pleasure to finally be working with a PC that’s fast enough for my current needs, too.

(Yeah, I’m a bit behind on getting all the points in Jeff Attwood’s Programmers’ Bill of Rights…)

Memo to self: Turn off ClearType when doing screen dumps. Well, at least the important ones.

3 thoughts on “The display makes it

  1. brad

    Times New Roman?!? Seriously? Try the new vista (and office) fonts, especially consolas for fixed width.

  2. daniel Post author

    I actually like the proportional width fonts for coding. Not sure why; might be because I get to see more on-screen. I find TNR very readable.

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