7 thoughts on “Would you like Open Office with that?

  1. Chris Till

    Exactly what I was going to say… except in the past they wouldn’t even ask you that question you’d just get it shoved onto your system…

  2. Luna Love

    Wow. Considering Open Office is not Microsoft… tis an Open Source program… lol
    What’s up with that?!?!?
    Thank god thier “asking” you now though… lmao

  3. Sam

    I saw this a few days ago too while upgrading a system. The worst part about that prompt is that it doesn’t seem to give you a choice – seems like if you want Java updated, you’re gonna have to get OpenOffice (which I didn’t want, yes, even if it’s free – oh the blasphemy!)

    The following dialog isn’t great either – confusing, and does nothing to sell OpenOffice either. OpenOffice/Sun need to learn some tricks from Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! (and maybe some spyware writers too) who do such a great job at bundling their toolbars if they want to get anywhere.

  4. daniel Post author

    I updated Java without getting OpenOffice, and don’t recall having to jump through any hoops.

  5. Sam

    daniel, if you were talking to me – I guess I wasn’t very clear. I know if you follow through the prompts only Java is installed, in fact, the only way to get OpenOffice is if you click on the hyperlink in the following dialog.

    What I was pointing out was that when you *first see that balloon popup*, it seems like the two come together without a choice.

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