Kodak’s back

I know this one has done the rounds, but it’s pretty damn funny, as well as evidently giving a glimpse of what Kodak have been up to…

He alludes to Kodak’s chequered history with digital cameras… it turns out Kodak invented them in 1975, but didn’t start selling them until 2001.

2 thoughts on “Kodak’s back

  1. Martin

    I don’t beleive Kodak only started selling digital Cameras in 2001. My memory is bit hazy on the matter (can’t say I was particularly interested) but things went something like this. Apple’s digital camera was the first on the market, to make any noise anyway. I remember seeing one where I was working, where I finished in 93 but I think I saw it well before I left so probably 92, posibly 91. Then Kodak was the next to have quite anumber on the shelves, followed by Sony by at least a year and then, slowly, other Japanese eletronics and camera companies. I would guess the time when Kodaks appeared in numbers would have been 98 at the latest, but probably more like 95 – 97. Perhaps they meant 91 in the article. Can’t say I am that interested but the date of 2001 (and the implaication that Kodak was late on the scene) seem so wrong. It had always seemed to me that Kodak did react early.
    If think of a way to find some hard evidence, I will try and find it and post it here, and possibly on the article you refered to if they have comments (didn’t notice them).

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