Spreading it

A reader on my personal blog left this comment:


It’s a set of numbers that’s being spread around by a few people at the moment. According to this post:

…it is the HD-DVD processing key for most movies released so far, published on the net by the AACS (Advanced Access Content System) a couple of days ago by mistake.

…and the legality of even publishing it, at least in the US under the DMCA, is apparently in doubt.

This page quotes a Wikipedia article about it which, intriguingly, has been deleted from Wikipedia itself. It’s also caused a ruckus at Digg.

Interesting stuff. Though it’s not like 99.99% of people would have any idea how to apply the number to anything… though I suppose that could change rapidly.

1 thought on “Spreading it

  1. Randall

    So are you acting illegally in reposting it here???

    Oh my god! Am I acting illegally by reading it? Should I pluck out my eyes in order to atone?

    Seriously – did they think that it would not be cracked in record time????? If they did, then I have a few bridges to sell them – and a nice opera house with only one owner…

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