Beware of the trolls

Why do people reply to trolls on Usenet? You diligently set up your killfiles to filter-out the morons, but some (apparently otherwise sensible) people keep replying to them, and so their caustic stupid waste-of-time posts appear back in the threads.

Maybe I need to try a decent newsreader, like one that doesn’t just hide posts from the nominated morons, but also hides posts in reply to them. Something better than Outlook Express. (But am I likely to be motivated enough to find and install something, for occasional use?)

I’ve also dabbled with Google Groups. Love the search, but the functionality is a bit lacking. Why is it that Google Groups includes no killfile/filter at all? And then there’s the insanity of it posting your Real Live Undisguised Email address in every post when there’s so many spambots about. Lucky I use a GMail address for that; if Google made the problem, they can deal with filtering the spam that results.

1 thought on “Beware of the trolls

  1. CJ

    Ah, but try having a decoy gmail address for groups, and a real one for mail. Since Google insists on signing you in to all services when you sign into one, it’s really easy to make a mistake and post something under your real email 🙁

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