Girls, music, and virtual PCs

Hmm, a calendar of Australian IT women, in the name of encouraging more women into the industry. Available online at

If you’re more at home with mucking about on Virtual Machines, then you might be interested to know that Virtual PC is now free.

Billy Bragg has applauded MySpace for backing down on their T+Cs imposed on artists who used the site to distribute music. “I am very pleased to see that MySpace have changed their terms of agreement from a declaration of their rights into a declaration of our rights as artists, making it clear that, as creators, we retain ownership of our material.”

3 thoughts on “Girls, music, and virtual PCs

  1. Randall

    But Virtual PC 2004 supposedly only runs on XP Professional… Not Home. Damn. But when I tried to install it, it continued on regardless of the warning. I wonder if I should try to continue and see what happens????

  2. Randall

    I take that back… XP Pro or 2000 Pro are the only officially supported platforms. It MAY run on Home (and it seems to do so quite well) but Micro$oft won’t support it… Hey – it’s free. I don’t care. What do I expect for zero dollars from MS????

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