www-australia.info – what kind of domain name is that?

I found this ad for an amazing site when doing a google search:

      Sponsored Links
Photos Of Australia
Find out everything you need to
about this amazing destination!

Someone has just paid money so that I’d click on that link, and see that site. Look at the photos along the bottom. First, there’s a left-hand-drive vehicle, then a naff sunshade and beachchairs at sunset, followed by a grey road with a yellow centreline driving through a conifer forrest, and finally some people skiing past a maple or something. Search the entire continent, you’re not going to find any of that stuff.

I don’t know if it’s covered in ads, perhaps it is (my ad blocking works really well, and there’s no way in hell I’m going to some dodgy site with IE).

Somebody: Please explain what the hell is going on here? I’d especially love an economist to explain what the heck that site is about – rational decision making my shiny metal butt.

Update: This is a Made For Adsense site. Still doesn’t make sense, but whatever. They too shall pass.

4 thoughts on “www-australia.info – what kind of domain name is that?

  1. Martin

    That one had me laughing. Under a picture of an umbrella and chairs by the beach, they had an ad for Alice Springs. And under a picture of a couple skiing, they ran an add for Ayers Rock.

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