What is on your USB memory stick?

Some people responded to the question, What is on your USB memory stick?

Best response: IF_FOUND_RETURN_TO.txt or REWARD_IF_FOUND.txt
Interesting: heavily encrypted financial data / keys
Interesting: run anywhere Firefox

My memory stick is also my MP3 player, so it’s mainly songs. Plus an old version of a website I was putting together, plus some miscellaneous crap like resume/CV. I think I’ll put the reward thingy on it.

So, what have you got on your memory stick?

5 thoughts on “What is on your USB memory stick?

  1. daniel

    That’s a damn good idea.

    I ain’t got a stick at the mo’. My last one died, and hasn’t been replaced yet. I move stuff around via FTP or email… and I hope to check out FolderShare when I get the chance.

  2. glen

    Scary as this sounds, I’m kinda using mine as a backup for some data on my home PC that I don’t want to lose in the event of a disk failure.

    Yeah, I know. I suck. But it’s better than nothing.

    Other than that, personal stuff from previous work pcs. Lots of junk that probably exists elsewhere, but I just haven’t got around to tidying up 🙂

  3. Not my real name anyway...

    Can anyone tell me what “run anywhere firefox” is and where to get it?

    And my USB has photos of my girlfriend and emails between her and I.
    I’m just hoping my wife doesn’t find them….

  4. josh Post author

    Portable Firefox – it’s amazing what’s in Wikipedia.

    Perhaps to ensure your wife doesn’t find them, you ought to encrypt them? It might be a hassle everytime you access the stick, but… insurance… unless – you _want_ to be caught?

  5. Neerav

    I found a site this morning that’s much better than the “IF_FOUND_RETURN_TO.txt or REWARD_IF_FOUND.txt” idea which I have used for a while

    Tim Fehlman from Daily Cup of Tech wrote an auto-executable which runs when the usb drive is inserted into a USB port on a windows machine and displays “Help I’m Lost” on screen

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