Gosh-darned tabbed browsing

There’s one downside to tabbed browsing: double clicking the Close Tab button (on the right hand side of the tabs) closes two tabs. D’oh!

If you’ve ever fallen into that trap, try undo tab close.

Also, big improvement in Firefox 1.5: dragable tabs.

2 thoughts on “Gosh-darned tabbed browsing

  1. NickTork

    You still move the mouse all the way up to the Close Tab button?

    I haven’t done that since discovering the Firefox All-In-One Gestures extension – http://perso.wanadoo.fr/marc.boullet/ext/extensions-en.html

    Now whenever I need to close a Tab/Window, I just hold down the right mouse button and “draw” a small letter “L”. There are dozens of other gestures you can use too, but this is the one I use most.

    It sounds clunky but once you’ve used it for a few minutes there’s no going back. You even start trying to do the same thing in other applications!

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