IE follows Firefox on the RSS icon

RSSMicrosoft have announced they’re going to use the same RSS (feed) icon as Firefox.

Good stuff. For RSS to move into the mainstream, it needs standardisation like this. And we’ve got enough warning to start putting it on our web sites, before the great unwashed see it in IE7.

Now, if we can just figure out the myriad of formats of the feeds themselves

3 thoughts on “IE follows Firefox on the RSS icon

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  2. Brady Joslin

    Web site owners would be wise to exclusively use this button to represent web feeds and immediately cease the use of XML, RSS, and other similar approaches. This will greatly improve the awareness and understanding of subscription based services via web feeds to the masses.

  3. Brian Smith

    I’m waiting for the day you can click on an RSS feed button/icon/link and have it automagically added to your list of feeds,
    especially if you’re using a program on your own computer to read them. Why do these things need a .XML extension? So it
    has XML in it, big deal! It should be “.RSS” so the OS can recognize it and do something special with it, rather than make
    the unwashed masses learn to right-click, copy link to clipboard, and paste it into their subscription list. OK, not hard
    for geeks who are ranting, but it should, and could, be easier.

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