Mod chips legal

That’s it, ladies and gentlemen, it’s over: the High Court has ruled that mod chips for video game consoles are legal. All six judges of the High Court held that widely used mod-chips are legal and that playing a game on a consumer’s machine does not constitute an illegal copy.

This effectively clarifies that using mods to get around regional coding is legal — something important to consumers of video games and with clear ramifications for DVDs.

Pirated games, of course, are illegal. But mod chips are a legitimate technology.

Full judgement

3 thoughts on “Mod chips legal

  1. Timothy McVeigh

    I like playing PS & PS2 games, but they never release the good ones in Australia. Like the epic masterpiece XENOGEARS. Released in 1998, and we’re still waiting…

  2. Matt

    Does this mean we’ll be able to purchase them from reputable dealers sometime soon?
    I can’t see the ‘Wizards promoting them too heavily…

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