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  1. Jeremy

    These kinds of rants are nothing new and exist for both mac and linux. I once saw a Linux user of a few years write a huge rant saying he was going back to Windows and got it on Slashdot. But three weeks later he was back on Linux.

    To answer a few of his points:
    1. I seldom have to reboot this iBook running Mac OS X Tiger. Had some issues with unlocking the screen with Panther, though I haven’t tried locking the screen with Tiger but can only imagine it’s fixed. The other day I was about to reboot because my menubar (where all the little status things are, like for the wireless network) froze up, but after a few minutes it restarted itself. The only comment I can perhaps make is that too many updates force you to reboot. Apple needs to adopt the notion that reboots are only for kernel upgrades and to only fix kernel related problems!

    2. No problem with speed on this 1Ghz iBook with 768Mb of RAM. More RAM would be nice if doing stuff in photoshop. Then again I’ve never really been one to own bleeding edge computers. I see no reason to waste money on newer computers just for a slight speed boost.

    4. Guess that’s personal preference, I don’t mind Safari though dunno, could find Thunderbird better than Mail.app. There’s also GNUMail.app which may be worth a look.

    5. iPhoto seems alright to me, especially now that iPhoto 5 has keywords.

    6. Haven’t run into any problems with Finder myself, then again I’m not used to using Windows Explorer either.

    9. Mac screenshots used to be PDF but as of Tiger they are done as PNG which is standard and and produces small files (I think they are optimised because I can’t get PNG files from photoshop of the same dimensions so small).

    That will do. Oh yeah pity about the iPod Nano though now I don’t have to be disappointed that I just bought an iPod before they came out even though a Nano wouldn’t even store much of my music collection.

  2. ech0

    I agree with the above. and have you seen the requirements for the
    video version? cheeze, the new itunes video components eat a lot of
    ram and processor time…think i’ll stick with my clanky 2nd gen ipod

    and whats this with the flava of the week itunes? every time I getr
    promted for an upgrade, I loose all my playlists! Is it because I Keep my
    library on an external drive? Can’t seem to come up with any reasonable answer.

    enough ranting…anyone who thinks that Apple hasn’t always made superior
    operating systems and products, should quietly go away…they’ll be back and less ashamed when they do…

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