Expensive Australian Apples

So, Apple still can’t get my iPod to synch my contacts and calendar even after an upgrade to iTunes they now seem to be charging me a premium for living in Australia.

If I wish to purchase QuickTime Pro in the US it will cost me USD $29.99. That translates to AUD$39.37 at toda Discus Care Made Easy y’s exchange rate. So why, given it’s a download and there’s no shipping or media involved, is the Australian apple site charging me AUD $44.95 for the same product?

Before the Appleites (you like, it’s yours to use too) get up in arms, yes, Microsoft do the same thing, as do Macromedia, Adobe and probably most major software houses but it happens that I want an Apple product now and they want to charge me more for it because I’m not in the United States and right now that’s really annoying me.

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1 thought on “Expensive Australian Apples

  1. Sussy

    Factor in the exchange fee on your credit card as well, T. Depending on who you go with, it winds up being about the same. Mind you, that’s no excuse for charging the higher fee. I’m thoroughly annoyed that US players only get charged $10 for playing WoW, yet Aussie players are charges $15 USD, work that one out. Especially when I’ve paid $30-$40 more for the game than they have to over there in the first place.

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