Out to lunch

Windows XP Task managerYou know what really bugs me about Windows and Office sometimes? Sometimes a process will just decided to grab all the CPU and go out to lunch for minutes at a time. I don’t know what it thinks it’s doing — re-indexing its data, re-compiling itself, contacting Mars, something like that. Whatever it is, it’s not paying much attention to what I want it to do.

Outlook just did it. I was in the middle of writing an email. Voom, out to lunch. I managed to save it and exit. And the process kept running till I killed it. WTF? And before you ask, yes, my antivirus and firewall are primed, up-to-date and running. Latest releases, latest service packs of everything. This stuff should be stable.

Annoying, that’s what I call it.

1 thought on “Out to lunch

  1. Journey Man

    I accidentally attached a 114Mb (oh, it’s an M not a K) file the other day and tried to send it via SMTP…

    That killed everything for quite some time. The disk was snowed, 100% CPU, and all the memory, including virutal, used. A very sick machine. Outlook never told me what I’d done, I had to figure it out, eventually. Even after I’d deleted the offending email it took about 10 minutes to come right. Re-jarfing the fadzoo I guess.

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