Sick of MS Paint? Courtesy of the good people at Washington State University, try its free (and open source) replacement: Paint.Net. Packed with features, though a little slow on some computers if you leave the handy dandy transparent windows turned on.

While the multiple layers are great for a freebie product, would you honestly want to save all your graphical IP in its rare PDN format? Though arguably it’s at least partially future-proof as it’s open-source. requires the .Net Framework. By the way, how silly is this: the .Net home page contains no link to the Framework download. Obviously it’s a marketing site targetted at people who might be convinced to take on .Net as part of their IT strategy, but surely some of the people who hit it would be looking for the download so they can run some .Net program. Thankfully it is offered via Windows Update.

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  1. Peter

    Paint would have to be my least favourite program.
    It keeps freezing and exiting if I do more than about
    4 or 5 processes. No other program I use is as unstable.

    Pdn though is not acceptable; anything I do I’d want .jpg or .gif

  2. jake champion

    hey peter if u wnt it in .jpg or .gif, then when you finish your design in pdn copy it and paste itin ms paint then save it and it will look excatly the same as in pdn but will be .jpg or .gif ok

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