Spoiling for a blogosophere rumble!

Cameron Reilly vs Charles Wright.

In summary:

Cam: We’re doing podcasts. We’ve got a bunch of mates to help, and people seem to like them.

Charles: Your podcasts are amateurish and I don’t like them.

Cam: So?

Charles: I don’t like them. You swear too much.

Cam: So?

…and so on. You know, I enjoy listening to Cam’s podcasts and reading Charles’ columns. But I’ll tell ya, from what I’ve seen, Charles doesn’t take disagreement with his opinions very well.

Fact is it doesn’t matter if he personally doesn’t like it. It would matter if nobody liked it, but this plainly isn’t the case.

(And that bloody use of the plural personal pronoun is stupid, unless he’s had himself cloned.)

5 thoughts on “Spoiling for a blogosophere rumble!

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  2. cw

    If I can just venture one TINY demurral. I LIKE people disagreeing with my opinions. Honestly. Feel free.

  3. Cameron

    Charles is just trying to increase his googlerank and traffic by talking about us a lot. He’s riding on our coat tails. 🙂

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