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Tandy catalogue: Mums Tandy to CandyI was browsing through the junk mail the other day and came across a Tandy catalogue, selling stuff for Mother’s Day, with the slogans such as “Mums prefer Tandy to Candy” and “Mums prefer MP3 players” and “Mums prefer printers”.

Now hear this, all geeks. Just in case you thought Mother’s Day was a great excuse to go out gizmo shopping: This is bollocks. Mums don’t prefer electronic toys. Mums do not prefer them to chocolates. My mum would find an MP3 player overwhelmingly useless. She’d know what it was, but she wouldn’t want it. She would not want a printer. In fact I don’t think there’s anything in that catalogue that she’d want.

Okay so there’s probably some hip young groovy mums who might like a new camera phone, but reality is most would consider a new gizmo to be in the same league as the bowling ball Homer Simpson bought Marge for her birthday.

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  1. P

    Though I can confirm that females are bigger buyers of cordless
    phones than males. Certain empirical tests appear to reveal
    that they are bigger talkers of said devices too.

    Mobile phones and digital cameras surely must be about an equal
    male/female split these days.

    But you’re largely right. My mum wouldn’t even know what an MP3
    player (or for that matter a blog!) was.

    She’s most likely getting a book that I picked up a few months back. One that
    I found entertaining and I know she will too (on keeping
    house like a pig).

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