Smoke me a kipper…

About to upgrade this blog to WordPress 1.5.

11:40pm. Done. The main difference noticeable to readers will be that your comments automatically go to moderation if you’ve never left a comment before.

WP admin heading in Firefox.One thing notable to us authors is that the top of the admin pages looks a bit screwy in Firefox (but okay in IE). Not sure why that is, because WP1.5 doesn’t do that on my other blogs… something to look at when I have more time.

2 thoughts on “Smoke me a kipper…

  1. Leo

    Ah Ace, I sleep soundly knowing he’s out there. from what I’ve “heard” (non-verifiable of course) is that many sites are somehow non-compliant with W3C standards. Buuuut then, I could be wrong. Nah!

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