How many news feeds?

I am gradually building up the number of RSS feeds I keep track of, currently using Bloglines because it’s an online aggregator, so I can access the same content from both work and home and keep track of it in one place. It also allows for decent categorisation of feeds.

One of the FAQs on the Bloglines site is How Many News Feeds Do Most People Track?, which is answered:

The average Bloglines user tracks more than 20 news feeds. The most we’ve ever heard of is 1,400 news feeds. Not everybody has the stamina for that amount of information…

How many feeds are you actively tracking, and on what kinds of subjects? How often do you check for updated posts, or do you have new items ‘pinging’ on your desktop?

I am currently tracking 122 feeds, with categories including Animation, Business, Charities, Education, Environment, Ethics, Faith, Human Rights, IT, Media, Personal blogs, Science, Technology, Weird, and Writing. I also take advantage of Bloglines search feeds which match specific words and phrases to blogs ‘on the fly’. I tend to scan headlines every 1-2 hours during the day.

3 thoughts on “How many news feeds?

  1. Daniel

    I’ve got about 50 on SharpReader, which I like because of the responsiveness of the Windows client, but I really need to find an online one that I like. I’ve tried Newsgator, but it didn’t grab me.

  2. tony

    Unlike Daniel Newsgator, the web edition, grabbed me straight away. I track about 50 feeds but really wish Telstra, who run, would start feeds on the main AFL site and individual club sites.

    A couple of the handier feeds : my Gmail inbox (even though I don’t use it for that much) and the ABC‘s television guide for ABC and ABC2.

  3. Wilson

    231 feeds, tracked via Bloglines. I don’t have any alerts or pop-ups, I just check then “whenever” (which usually means at lunch time, while I eat).


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