iPod progress

Well the response when plugging the iPod into my computer at work was the same as that at home: nothing. It appears something caused the battery to stop working.

So I rang up Apple support, and after they had me attempt resetting it again, put me on hold. When the guy came back he proclaimed it to be a battery problem, and said it would need servicing. Sigh. He then gave me the URL for requesting service. I clicked through to this, only to find their server down, returning a 500 error. Terrific, this gets better and better!

Apple support web site error

A couple of hours later it was working. It leads you through various disclaimers including having you read a long list of terms and conditions in a small font. (Why do they put it in a small font? It’s a web page fer chrissake – it doesn’t use any more paper or bytes to be in a normal-sized font.)

I tapped in all my details and ended up with a form to print and take with the iPod to the post office. There the bloke scanned off the form, and gave me a PostPak and bubblewrap to put it in, and sent it off, postage-free.

Unlike when you get a battery replacement, apparently they will actually fix your iPod, rather than sending you a replacement one. And the bloke said it may take up to 14 days… which is a helluva lot better than some repair places.

So now, I wait. Sigh.

9 thoughts on “iPod progress

  1. Andy

    Weird to get a battery failure. The main downside of the iPod is that the battery isn’t removable. Oh well, you will be counting down the days. I hope Apple stick to their timescales.

  2. Philip

    Bugger that, take it to the shop and say “This thing’s broken, give me a replacement please” and they will
    If they don’t, start talking to them about the Trade Practices Act and your statutory warranty rights for a produce, especially one that failed within a day of you buying it.

  3. daniel Post author

    Yeah, that is what I’d have done if it hadn’t been the last one in stock, on a discontinued model, and I had the time to traipse out to Abbotsford to do it.

  4. Chris

    Your image shows you use Internet Explorer. Even Paul Thorrot, the man wedged further up Bill Gates ass than any other, declares “friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer” 😉

  5. daniel Post author

    I use Firefox at home, but IE at work — because Firefox doesn’t work with the proxies there.

  6. daniel Post author

    In that case I’m going to have to fiddle with it (in my copious spare time), ‘cos it was causing hassles for me last time I tried.

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