iPod woes

I don’t smegging believe it. I’ve had the thing less than a day and it’s playing up.

Yesterday during a spare moment at work, I set up iTunes on my work PC. All okay, set up the iPod, copied a dozen songs onto it, all good.

Took it home and tried to set iTunes up on my home PC. When it came to plug the iPod in, it wouldn’t play ball. The small print says it needs a high-power USB2.0 port… which to be honest I’m not sure my computer has. I’ll be looking into that.

But anyway, at this point the iPod stopped working. It now only does anything if it’s plugged into the mains, through the dock or directly. The battery indicator says it’s charged, and it plays merrily, until it’s plugged in. I’ve tried resetting it a couple of times, which it’ll do if it’s plugged in, but otherwise, nothing, nada, zilch.

You smegging what?!?

Assuming it’ll respond to the work computer again, I’ll do a full factory restore on it, and/or try refreshing its software. If that doesn’t work, however, I’ll not be very bloody happy. (I’m not particularly ecstatic right now, to be honest.)

13 thoughts on “iPod woes

  1. Adrain

    iPod vs Windows… mmm. Fun.

    If you’ve got a USB2 port, make sure you aren’t using a USB mouse at the same time. A cow-orker of mine discovered that a USB mouse forces the USB2 ports to all fall back to USB1.1 compatibility.

  2. Ren

    Heh, call Tony… He had problems with his too… (And thank you for giving me another
    reason to hold off getting one for myself.)

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  4. Andy

    Oner of my colleagues just had her mini iPod pinched from work, during working hours. Sad that someone we work with is a thief. She’s not happy.

  5. Titel

    Speaking of USB – if you’re using an add-on PCI card, chipsets and functionality varies from one manufacturer to another, as Jeff Barr found out. There may be better articles out there comparing PCI USB controllers, just in case you want to feel like sparing a few bucks on such an add-on card to supplement the ports you already have.

    Cool blog, keep it running 🙂

  6. mark

    If you are going to replace the card go with the Firewire card, Ipods seem to like them better than USB.

    Did you have the updated software on one of the PC’s and not the other? If so, crash city.

    Did you set it up for file sharing on the work PC?

    PS go with Itunes software the windows suites blow.

    I’ve had a 40GB ipod for 2 years and my biggest complaint is battery life.

    Good luck

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