Unhelpful web help

Just… just… wrong. So wrong.

Firstly, note the error message “Enter a valid email addresss”. Where, pray tell, ought I do this?  Why do I need to upload any attachment again?  Why do I have to prove I’m a human time-after-time, when all I’m doing is wrestling with your completely broken attempt at a web form?

Have they noticed that no-one is submitting help requests via this form, what with its refusal to accept said requests?

Dear Flickr: stop sucking balls.

1 thought on “Unhelpful web help

  1. Tim Chuma

    That’d be the reason I stopped using Flickr then. They seem to be determined to stuff it up. I even gave them money at one stage.

    I am stuck using the gallery3 software on my own site as it is too hard to move it across. Or I mean not too hard I would not be able to do anything else except moving photos for months and months. I kind of miss just uploading HTML galleries and leaving them but they are a pain to change things.

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