How much memory should you have in your PC? How about 8Mb? #BackToThe90s

Charles Wright, the IT whiz who writes regularly in The Age Green Guide, and has a persistent habit of referring to himself in the plural, reckons in his latest column that you should have eight megabytes in your PC, but soon it'll be practical to have up to sixteen megabytes.

This quarter the price of RAM has jumped about 60 per cent as manufacturers shift the emphasis to production of mobile memory, squeezing supply of PC memory. The 8MB of Kingston RAM that we recommend is now $60, compared with $38 in December.

It's possible to see the future of desktop computing contained in a diminutive box into which the customer can stuff as much as 16MB of RAM and a fast mSATA SSD drive, at prices ranging from $500 to $700.

The Age, 28/3/2013

Wow, don't go overboard on the RAM there Charles.

Charles Wright's column in The Age, 28/3/2013