Real Estate Websites Suck: Part 4

I’ve decided that I’m only going to look for properties with 4 (or more) bedrooms. I enter this as a search criteria, and the website says quite clearly “Results for properties for rent with 4+ bedrooms in {suburb}”.

So why do I get presented with 3 bedroom properties?

Facepalm. Five years, and these web sites still suck balls. Not only do searches not work, it appears that the site pegs my CPU at 100% when the rendered page is just sitting there. Some of their lovely JavaScript goodness I suppose.

If you ask nicely I might dig up and dust off my rant from five years ago…

1 thought on “Real Estate Websites Suck: Part 4

  1. Archi

    I gotta agree – and’s new design is horrible and slow (and their feedback page is broken)

    and I especially love sites that won’t work at low resolutions, with a flash close button from some random popup off the bottom of the screen….

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