Weird bug

Weirdest bug I’ve seen in a long long time. If I delete the star out of the following text:

Ubuntu is coming out with a Long Term Support version (3 years) real soon now. It’s got a few cycles to go before it’s released in April. I want it now, so I downloaded Lucid Lynx* alpha 3, and found some weirdness – which you’d expect in an alpha release.

WordPress says it doesn’t know what or who I’m talking about. “Post? What post?”

One character. Two days to make that reproducible.


9 thoughts on “Weird bug

  1. daniel

    OK I checked, it does it for me too.

    Change it to LynX* and it still does it.

    Change it to Lyny and it doesn’t.

    And it does it on the comments too. If I take the * out above the comment post fails.

    *Without the asterisk

  2. josh Post author

    If your post contains “Lynx ” that’s the end of the game. I can post this because I used the HTML entity for a non-breaking space instead of a space.

  3. Kiwi Nick

    Ok, I’ve rubbed up against a similar problem myself (commenting to But the twist is my post does not contain “Lynx”.

    The closest word to this in my comment is EZ-Link, but I’ve posted that word before without problems.


  4. Kiwi Nick

    Spoke too soon. The good Daniel has narrowed it down to

    “but it would make sense if they decide to turn it into a two hour ticket”


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