iPad thoughts

Some thoughts on the iPad.

It looks like a giant iPhone. Having no lid to cover up the screen seems odd.

Some are ripping into its faults, including no iBook feature outside the USA (at least initially), no camera, no USB port, no memory card reader, no Flash support, no multitasking. Yikes.

But I do love the comments about the screen being bigger than an iPod/iPhone, like this is some revelation nobody thought of before.

“A larger screen means that games can be more immersive, as well as allowing for higher detail and bigger animations,” said Peters.

A bigger screen! Amazing!

You mean… just like every other notebook or desktop computer out there?

But hey, it does look pretty nice. I bet lots of people buy them.

I bet it could be almost as successful as the Apple Newton. *grin*

3 thoughts on “iPad thoughts

  1. Tony

    I’m sure Apple fans will buy it but I (and I do like Apple products) just can’t see why I’d need it. It’s nice, looks sexy and has a cool UI but I fail to see why I need this over my iPod Touch or laptop.

  2. Lachlan Wetherall

    Apple announces an iPod Touch that won’t fit in your pocket – I fail to see what all the hyperventilating is about.

  3. Chris Till

    There is a lid option.

    Multitasking is completely misunderstood – iPhones and iPods run the OS, check mail, can be on a call, receive messages, remind calendars and alarms, track my walking via my Nike shoes, receive app push notificationd, and be looking something up in Safari all at the same time… The trouble is pure and simply Apple don’t let you run two third party apps at same time… Fine with me on iPhone and iPod, but would have thought two side by side on ipas would be useful.

    Usefulness of ipad I dunno, while Apple have done quite a job in overhauling existing apps plus new apps like iWork to take advantage if the screen size, I’m not entirely sure what’s so earth dhattering

    but useful? Damn right – with a baby now my lifes schedule is he’ll so I now have to sqeeze in my cycling on an exercise bike in the morning and do my Internet catchup at same time via iPhone… Tried notebook and netbook, totally unworkable… iPhone perfect (using right now to type thus) but too darn small. Ipad is exactly what I need. Likewise if I get a few moments on coach at night, quickly syrf on iPhone but ipad will be much better. Sometimes grab notebook but it’s just plain annoying using that in comparison for just surfing. Likewise I use it for mail etc, will be netter on larger screen

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