’s “remember me” is broken


How about a “Remember Me” option that actually bloody works?

OK, so I can understand what’s happening: it looks like if you try to logon from a different PC/phone/whatever it figures the IP address has changed and wants you log on again. But WHY? If other high-profile online services like Gmail can keep you logged in from multiple places, why not Twitter?

Or at the very least, if the web interface is going to insist on making me log back on constantly, at least give me direct access to the smegging fields I need to do it, rather than giving me the new user page, and making me find and click on a Sign In link that’s a quarter the size of the Sign Up Now button.

Twitter's logon is broken

So, Twitter people, I love using Twitter, but please fix this.

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  1. Josh Parris has a “remember me” checkbox. It doesn’t. My login is valid for several hours, but not a day, or even 30 days.

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