Do you want to appear in adverts on Facebook?

Want to appear in adverts to your friends on Facebook?

I don’t. I don’t see why an advertiser should be able to imply that I use or recommend their product. And I had been wondering why people I know started showing up in ads like this:

Stupid Facebook ad

Note that all three suggested dates are wrong. Pretty stupid.

Anyway, you can stop your profile image appearing in adverts by going to this Facebook settings page.

Or if that doesn’t work, go to Settings / Privacy / News feed and wall / Facebook Ads. Nicely obscure, isn’t it.

Facebook advert options

(via Rae… who also pointed me over to this article about recent changes by Facebook in this area.)

4 thoughts on “Do you want to appear in adverts on Facebook?

  1. Jess Carter

    “Note that all three suggested dates are wrong. Pretty stupid.”

    I once saw an annoying “answer this question and you could win an iPod” ad – the question was “how old is Rihanna?” The answers were 15, 17 or 21. This was in 2007 – she was born in 1988, therefore making the question unanswerable.

  2. daniel Post author

    Whereas my answer would be: Who’s Rihanna? 🙂

    Seriously though, you would think for a public figure they’d at least be able to find out the real answer.

  3. Chris Till

    Daniel this is another of those hoaxes floating about.

    See the “Next step” button in the sample you provided – that’s the button used to begin installing a “third party” Facebook “application”. What you saw was one of your friend’s applications, one of those countless survey programs or whatever, that is recommending you to join/use/whatever. eg they do a questionnaire, or install a dog diet tracking application, or photobook application, or whatever other crap they all install – you then see recommendations to also do what your friends are doing. The option you suggest is the correct one to turn it off, but it’s nothing to do with “facebook advetisements” if that makes sense…

    Indeed if you click the link you provided you’ll see Facebook now pop up a warning that this advert saga is a hoax.

  4. daniel Post author

    Thanks Chris. FB claim the adverts with peoples faces was a breach of the TOS by an advertiser.

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