Bing/Live Maps FAIL

Attn: Microsoft/Bing/Live/Whatever… you dumb-arses.

If I look at Google Maps, get a great view in the map or the satellite view or Streetview or whatever, I can get a link for that precise view that I can send somebody or embed into a web page for people to look at and browse around in it.

I love the Bird’s Eye view in Live Maps, but… Oh looky, it’s a Share link. But all that gives me is the URL for the original search I did. And it’s broken.

For instance, if I search for:

swanston and flinders streets, melbourne, vic, au

I get the spot I was looking for, outside Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. Cool.

Then I can switch to Bird’s Eve view. Nice. Zoom in, rotate so I can see the steps. Gorgeous!

Flinders Street from above

So I want to share it with my friends. Click Share to get the URL for it. It gives me this:

Try it. Go on, click it, see what you get.

See the problem?

Not only does this go to a standard map, ignoring that I switched to Bird’s Eye view, zoomed, rotated, etc.

Not only that… but it somewhere along the way it chops out the commas from my original query, and which causes the Live Maps parser to take me to somewhere else… to be precise, it takes me to the corner of Swanston and Flinders Street in Bulleen, a suburb in Melbourne’s northeast!

Bing/Live Maps FAIL.

3 thoughts on “Bing/Live Maps FAIL

  1. Chris Till

    Wow, just took a look and boy it renders piss poor under Safari…

    And the “aerial” view of my area has to be OVER 10 years old as it hasn’t even begun development yet, let alone roads and houses… WTF?!?

    What a waste of bandwidth…!

  2. daniel Post author

    It renders okay in Chrome and Firefox.

    The pictures I’ve looked at around Melbourne seem to be between 1 and 4 years old, which is not too bad really – in one case notable more recent than the images I’ve seen in Google Maps.

  3. Frank

    Pics of my place are fairly recent (include new speed humps) but addresses are rather approximate.

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