I’d be annoyed

WTF? While iPhone users get their free upgrade to OS 3.0, iPod touch users have to pay US$9.95 for it?!

I’d be a tad annoyed about that.

Via Graham Cluley, who points out that it might have been nice if Apple had made the 46 fixed vulnerabilities available for free, even if you still had to pay for the other stuff.

1 thought on “I’d be annoyed

  1. Chris Till

    This was the case with the OS 2.0 upgrade as well.

    I’ve never had a problem with it, because I look at it the opposite way around – the issue is that iPhones get free upgrades, not that the iPod touch pays for OS upgrades like every other computer on the planet 🙂

    Then when you consider the iPhone is on a subscription plan, and you see the iPhone isn’t getting free upgrades it’s simply part of the service you pay for.

    I’ve never seen Microsoft give away free copies of Windows CE or Windows Embedded for older hardware before, and neither Symbian or Palm offer upgrades of their OS to existing hardware at all? RIM have on rare occasions offered “updates” of their OS for BlackBerries, but definitely not “upgrade” versions.

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