Wifi in your neighbourhood

While I was walking down the street running an errand, I tried scanning for Wifi networks on my N95 phone.

I must have found about 20 or 25 of them during just a few minutes’ walk. Probably every fourth or fifth house seemed to have one.

Many of them appeared to be named after the families living there. Some had obviously default names of common brands… Netgear and the like. A few had gobbledygook names which may or may not have been defaults.

And to my surprise, almost all of them were secured.


Two weren’t — one an apparent Apple network, and one Netgear one, both close by to each other.

Hopefully not too many of their neighbours are sponging off them!

2 thoughts on “Wifi in your neighbourhood

  1. Noel Goddard

    Daniel, I’ve done the same with my phone on occasions, just for interest’s sake, and like you, I’ve found WLAN’s scattered about. However, I’m not well up on the symbols that appear on the phone. I’m curious to know how can you tell if a LAN is secured? (And no, I’m not planning to “hack” anyone. My provider gives me a very generous free allowance on Packet Data which I have never yet exceeded and probably never will. Since that allowance comes standard on my phone “package” – i.e. I’m already paying for it – it would save me nothing – so I have no need – to steal anyone else’s bandwidth!)

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