Summer 2008/2009 starts

I have a algorithm for detecting summer. Seven consecutive days in a row with a temperature of or above 20 degrees Celsius. I give you Summer, from the Bureau's seven day forecast for Melbourne:

Thursday      Fine.                                  Min  6    Max 21
Friday        Mainly fine.                           Min 12    Max 25
Saturday      Fine.                                  Min 12    Max 30
Sunday        Shower or two.                         Min 15    Max 22
Monday        Fine.                                  Min 10    Max 23
Tuesday       Fine.                                  Min 12    Max 28

I swear, this gets earlier and earlier each year.

5 thoughts on “Summer 2008/2009 starts

  1. Philip

    I think you’ve detected Spring. I would say Summer needs maximums over 25 for the week.

  2. glen

    Plus we’ll have to see if the temperatures actually reach that forecast. Maybe the bureau has predicted summer but it won’t actualize yet!

  3. Anonymous

    Yep – it was mid-30s in Perth yesterday – feels like summer – switched the aircon from “heat” to “cool” in preparation

  4. Daniel

    Given it’ll get down to freezing point at a few places around the state tonight, I don’t think we’re quite at summer yet…

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