AU online music bargain

With Bigpond Music now selling DRM-free MP3s, and their range increasing every week, they’re fast becoming my etailer of choice for music downloads.

Right now (and I don’t know how long it’ll last) they’ve got a 25% discount offer on music vouchers brought from Safeway/Woolworths, and possibly other retailers.

So tracks that normally cost $1.69 (the same as Apple’s iTunes in Australia) now effectively cost about $1.27, and an album about $12.37. Vouchers appear to be valid for about a year and a half.

You can browse the web site before paying to see if they have what you want. Admittedly, they don’t have as wide a range (even in their older format WMA) as iTunes.

2 thoughts on “AU online music bargain

  1. Lachlan Wetherall

    Unfortunately the range of DRM free music from BigPond is woeful. I just did a quick test. Randomly picking artists and searching for them, it was only on the 11th try that I found an artist that had MP3 tracks instead of WMA.

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