4 thoughts on “Google Streetview in AU

  1. Chris Till

    A friend at work pointed this out to me this afternoon and I was quite amazed how recent the pictures are – best I can determine based on my house, the QuickTime virtual reality style pictures were taken only six months ago…

    I notice the satellite images have updated now as well to the same time period.

    Very cool stuff!!!

  2. daniel Post author

    For my area it looks like the pics were taken around January. The satellite pics haven’t been updated recently; they’re still about 2 years old.

  3. Chris Till

    Yep a month or two ago the satellite images were still 2 years old. Was embarrassing as I hadn’t yet done a thing to my front or backyard – dolomite and dirt as far as the eye could see!

    But the satellite image for my house now has my paved driveway and entertaining area, our hedge, and even the stones I’ve laid between the path and street. I only just did all this over Christmas…

    Based on the size of the hedge the satellite image for our area clearly updated around the same time as the street shots were taken – summer. Most of our neighbours lawns are dead as well, again this only occurred over our most recent summer – until then they used to be out there every night proudly caring for their lush green lawns.

    Ironically my left-hand neighbour, who is growing one hell of a forest and I hear spraying countless gallons of water out there every single bloody night, I can see has the greenest backyard you could possibly imagine. For the most part I’m surprised to see most of my neighbours do have dead backyards, not just front yards, but interesting to see there are a few green ones as we all suspect – just not as many as I presumed…

  4. Chris Till

    A new connector road they are building from my local shopping centre, cutting directly to my suburb along an old railway corridor, began over Christmas as well. This construction is in the satellite images.

    That shopping centre was half demolished about a year ago, but only in the past 4 or so months have they finally begun constructing the extension on it. The satellite image shows it in the demolished state.

    My whole area is definitely showing satellite images that are update to date as of around January this year.

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