Firefox dictionary WTF (and FF3 is out)

Firefox typoFF WTF — is the AU English dictionary written by volunteers or something? How can it be missing so many basic words? It doesn't know reminds for instance?

Is this fixed in FF3 then?

I saw today is FF3 download day, world record, yadda yadda yadda and jumped over to download it. Bz

zt. 10am is too early here. Apparently it's all based around US time. Blargh.

Now it's well after 11pm AEST, and it's still not there. What time does this thing kick off? Even the Pledge bit doesn't work; keeps resetting the region dropdown every time I choose something.

No matter, a post in the forums on spreadfirefox has revealed where the FF3 download is: it's here.


2 thoughts on “Firefox dictionary WTF (and FF3 is out)

  1. Philip

    I don’t like the way it presents the auto-fill options when I’m typing URLs into the address bar now. It used to be good because my commonly typed addresses would pop up as I started typing. So I typed ‘g’ and usually came up and I could arrow down and push Enter. Now, I type ‘g’ and sometimes it will get it right, but other times it won’t (perhaps it will be better after it’s learned for a few days), and in any case it has two lines of text I need to read to make sure I’m getting the right site, because the first thing on each option is not the URL, it’s the page title.

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