ADSL2+ at more AU exchanges

Telstra has upgraded a bunch more exchanges around Australia to ADSL2+, including my humble local in Bentleigh, Victoria. When I looked, Whirlpool’s Broadband Choice hadn’t been updated with the new information yet, but you can check via Telstra Bigpond’s page.

Whether I upgrade or not is another matter. I’ve noticed that while downloading Linux torrents, the bottleneck is actually at my PC, not the modem/net connection. The torrent speed is pretty good, but the connection on the PC doing the torrenting is swamped, while the other PC sharing the modem isn’t. This is a very puzzling thing to me, and something I need to explore further, as obviously something (LAN card maybe?) is operating sub-par. Obviously that needs tackling first… until then, 1500/256 will do me.

2 thoughts on “ADSL2+ at more AU exchanges

  1. brad

    1500/256!?! woah, im not sure about in AU, but even in america thats pretty bad. I think my cable modem is up to 16000/3000 now.

  2. daniel Post author

    Cable is another story, and is certainly available in many metropolitan areas, though the theoretical limit is reduced by other traffic in the area.

    Agreed, AU speeds in general are too slow.

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