iTunes and 64bit support

A little update to my previous entry on purchasing a iPod Touch.

Apple surprised me by releasing a 64bit version of iTunes 7.6 with little or no fanfare on the 15th January 2008. I actually didn’t get the update until the following week and it was only by chance I noticed a 64bit version.

I’m very happy to say that I’ve been using 7.6 on my primary 64bit box and have been extremely happy with it, i’ve even moved over my iTunes music collection from my temporary home (a 32bit Windows 2000 installation in VMWare (thanks Josh for the tip)).

As I write this I’m still hunting down Album covers for music that iTunes can’t find and removing all duplicates from my library, but it’s fun 🙂

2 thoughts on “iTunes and 64bit support

  1. daniel

    Seems like about once a month iTunes will try and update itself, and I’m generally a little wary of doing it. Apart from the interruption of a big download and re-install, you can never tell if Apple’s done another one of their dud releases (especially when it’s an x.0 version number).

  2. Phil Post author

    I’ve only ever let QuickTime be updated, that is much more stable than iTunes IMO. The one time I did ask the updater to do iTunes it downloaded the file and then said “cannot perform upgrade” and terminated. A manual reinstall was needed to upgrade, so much for autoupdaters.

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