WTF is this icon?

This is driving me crazy.

Some process, somewhere, every minute is flashing up this icon in the status bar, momentarily grabbing CPU time and focus, and interrupting my workflow.

Unknown icon

I don’t know what it is. It’s too quick to right-click on to close or query it.

It’s even disruptive enough that I can’t capture it using PrintScreen; I had to grab it using a camera.

It’s similar in appearance to the MediaGate NDAS software, but that’s not it.

I think it only started happening a week or two ago, but you know how it is — I don’t recall what I’ve installed in that time. I know I upgraded iTunes, but I’ve already killed every Apple-related task I could find, and it’s still doing it.

Can anybody identify it?

WAIT A SEC. I did a search of all EXEs then scanned down looking at icons. It looks like it’s something to do with DivX. Hmmm.

4 thoughts on “WTF is this icon?

  1. brad

    in explorer, generating the preview icons in a folder of divx movies will cause that to show up and go away very quickly.

  2. Randall Swain

    Hi Daniel

    It’s the DivX Player/codec. Something has downloaded the DivX codec and this displays when you are playing an AVI or similar file….

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