Getting used to Thunderbird

I'm liking Thunderbird. Ditching Windows Desktop Search and installing Google Desktop Search has worked well — suits my filing system. Well, except for the occasional __GD_something_or_other process that wants to keep running when I'm shutting down the PC.

Things I've had to get used to in the switch from Outlook:

Alt-S to Send doesn't work. Alt-Enter does (Outlook supports that too.)

The column sorting icons being upside-down.

It defaults to sending from the account you're looking at when you start the new mail, rather than a fixed default. Easily changed if you remember to check it.

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It also inserts the signature automatically when you change the From account, which is neat.

It didn't take long to get used to the vastly better IMAP performance in Thunderbird.

I don't use a Calendar plugin. Tony pointed me to a Nokia phone sync, but I haven't tried it yet — I do backup my phone contacts, but for most of them I don't have email details, so syncing is not really a priority for me.

That's about all at the moment. I've imported all my old Outlook folders into Thunderbird, which took ages, but works fine. So, byebye Outlook!


1 thought on “Getting used to Thunderbird

  1. Tony

    I’ve tried to use the Nokia phone sync but it doesn’t seem to like connecting via Bluetooth. I may have to dig out a cable to see how it goes. I can highly recommend Lightning if you’re using Google Calendar, the integration is very smooth.

    My next move is to see if I can ditch Microsoft Office for – although I may wait for this until Open Office can import the latest Microsoft files.

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