Statistics shows Rudd has created more jobs than Work Choices

In a demonstration of how difficult it is to single out a root cause the changes in a figure derived from complex behaviour, an economist (using the exact methodology that John Howard cites for determining the contribution of Work Choices to labour market growth) has shown that:

… [Kevin] Rudd has added many jobs – in fact 10% more jobs per month than Work Choices did.

So: politician lies; footage at eleven. If the government wanted to actually measure if Work Choices made things better, they should have said something like “everywhere except WA”, or “only applies to people born after the 6th of the month” or whatever. Then they’re would be two systems, and you could actually measure it.

Myself, I’m looking forward to the decrease in employment because Rudd is no longer leader of the opposition (read the article, you’ll understand that comment eventually).

4 thoughts on “Statistics shows Rudd has created more jobs than Work Choices

  1. daniel

    Apart from the fact that you’ve got a typo in the title that makes it sound like Work Chocolates (yum) I started reading the article and assumed to start with that “Blandy” was a nickname for John Howard…

  2. josh Post author

    Oddly enough, that has been checked for the last few months. Turns out I needed to download the Aussie dictionary.

    Work Chocies…. yum…

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